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Essential Guide to the Corporate Transparency Act

Time is ticking!  The Corporate Transparency Act is set to reshape corporate norms on January 1, less than a month away.  Over 32 million businesses are expected to be impacted in 2024 alone, with an estimated 5 million new businesses impacted for each year thereafter. Stay proactive - download our latest white paper, “Unveiling The Corporate Veil: A Comprehensive Guide To The Corporate Transparency Act” to delve into the details.  

The Morris, Manning & Martin CTA Task Force is here to help you navigate the intricate landscape of the CTA.  To stay informed and compliant, reach out to our Task Force to access personalized assistance and sign up for updates.

This White Paper provides an overview of which entities are required to provide reports, which are exempt, what information entities are required to report, the timeline for compliance, and the penalties for non-compliance.