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Dive Into Intellectual Property with me on March 9 at 6:15 PM ET in Buffalo, NY

I'm looking forward to speaking on a panel about intellectual property law with my fellow alumni from University at Buffalo (UB) Engineering.  The panel will cover various intellectual property considerations for medical device startup companies as they work to develop products as part of Blackstone Launchpad’s Medical Devices Design Challenge.  

This event will be located at UB North Campus, 330 Student Union Buffalo, NY 14228, at 6:15 PM ET on March 9.  Register at the link below.  

Join UB Engineering and Applied Sciences Alumni Association President, Jordan Walbesser, as he moderates a panel of six UB Alumni who are in the field of Intellectual Law and Patents. Learn more about the field in an exciting, interactive setting. Following the panel there will be snacks and drinks served and alumni and students will have the opportunity to network and engage!


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