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Could Build-to-Rent Offerings Provide a Solution to the Housing Shortage in America?

I'm honored to have been interviewed on the Chrisman Commentary podcast with respect to the "build-to-rent" market, and how current economic climate, particularly interest rates and building costs, are impacting the housing shortage that America faces today.  Tune in to hear more!

"Build-to-Rent" is one of the hottest trends in the real estate industry. Instead of constructing houses for homebuyers, developers build houses for investors to rent to individuals. On The Chrisman Commentary Daily Mortgage News podcast, Real Estate Partner Justin Barry analyzes the sector’s challenges and opportunities. Mortgage rates, the cost of construction materials, the dearth of good, buildable sites and NIMBYism all impact the sector, he tells host Robbie Chrisman. He also notes that new rental homes appeal to young people who are tired of apartment living, but still want apartment amenities without the financial burdens of home ownership. Click here for Barry’s analysis.