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Westside Atlanta Superfund Site Receives a Major Boost

The investigation and cleanup of the Westside Lead Atlanta National Priority List Site received a major boost last week, receiving a portion of $1 billion of new federal funding.  The new funding will serve to expedite the ongoing investigation and cleanup of historic lead contamination at hundreds of residential properties west of Mercedes Benz Stadium in the Vine City and English Avenue neighborhoods.  As of the start of this year, EPA had already overseen the investigation of 1,159 properties, of which 449 required some level of cleanup.  With this new round of funding, EPA hopes to finish the cleanup within the next five (5) years.

The Westside Lead Superfund site, located in the Vine City and English Avenue neighborhoods, is one of 22 polluted sites around the country to receive a portion of a $1 billion tranche of funds the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said it is releasing to speed up remediation.