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Transparency International Highlights Lack of Global Progress Against Corruption In Latest Report

In releasing its 2022 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), Transparency International identified continued stagnation by most countries in the global fight against corruption—while also highlighting the connection between rising levels of global conflict and this lack of further progress against corruption.  As in-house legal, compliance, and audit professionals analyze the CPI and make use of it to help inform corporate risk assessments, it is important to recognize the continuing challenge posed by corruption—and the need to be ever-vigilant in assessing how your program is effectively tailored to respond.

Delia Ferreira Rubio, Chair of Transparency International said: “Corruption has made our world a more dangerous place. As governments have collectively failed to make progress against it, they fuel the current rise in violence and conflict – and endanger people everywhere. The only way out is for states to do the hard work, rooting out corruption at all levels to ensure governments work for all people, not just an elite few.”