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Are Lawyers at Risk of Being Replaced by AI like ChatGPT?

By now most of us have heard of ChatGPT. The artificial intelligence ("AI") chatbot, released in November 2022, offers human-like responses to nearly any question and can create new content from jokes and poems to essays on legal topics. The use of AI has become increasingly prevalent in many areas and industries, but can it replace legal professionals? Based on a recent study where ChatGPT was asked to produce responses to law school exam questions, the answer seems to be no... at least for now. Despite these initial results of the chatbot's abilities, this type of AI may be an asset to lawyers in their practice (if they know how to use it) and it's likely worthwhile to keep up with the newest technology rather than dismissing it out of hand.      

"The bigger potential for the profession here is that a lawyer could use ChatGPT to produce a rough first draft and just make their practice that much more effective," he said.