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| 1 minute read

A Ticket to Growth: The Impact of a Passenger Train Service on the Real Estate Market in Atlanta and Savannah

One day, Atlanta residents could ditch the highway and opt for a train ride to Savannah. 

The Georgia Department of Transportation has pushed out a request for qualifications to find a firm willing to study service and infrastructure needs for a passenger rail corridor, according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle. The route could stretch between 250 and 270 miles between the two cities with the potential for other stops along the way.

The benefits of such a service would be numerous for the local economy, including a boost in real estate values.

One of the most significant benefits of a passenger train service between Savannah and Atlanta would be the increased accessibility it would provide for both cities. With the ability to travel by train, residents and visitors would have a faster and more convenient way to move between the two cities, making it easier for people to work, visit family and friends, and explore new areas.

Another reason for the increased real estate values is the potential for future growth and development. Train stations often serve as hubs for transportation and commerce, and as a result, areas surrounding them may see an influx of businesses and other developments. This can lead to an increase in property values as more people are attracted to the area. With better transportation options, the demand for housing and commercial properties in both cities would likely increase, leading to a rise in real estate values.

Furthermore, a passenger train service would also have a positive impact on the environment. By providing a more sustainable transportation option, it would reduce the number of cars on the road, which would decrease traffic congestion and air pollution. This would make both cities more attractive to people, particularly young buyers, who are looking for a greener lifestyle, further increasing the demand for real estate.

In conclusion, a passenger train service between Savannah and Atlanta would have numerous benefits for the local economy, including a boost in real estate values. With increased accessibility, improved transportation options, and a more sustainable lifestyle, both cities would become more attractive places to live, work, and invest in real estate.

The rail line could spur economic development and investment in the rural counties it'd run through, as well as relieve congestion on Interstate 75.