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Main Street is on the Road Again

White collar corporate travel, historically the driving force of the hospitality sector, is no longer the belle of the ball. While that segment continues to lag behind pre-pandemic levels, hotel companies are rolling out the red carpet for blue-collar and small business workers. Due to a changing economy and an influx of government spending, these "main street" business travelers are causing a shift in focus for many brands.  

Extended-stay and lower/mid-priced options in smaller towns are in high demand for workers looking to be close to job sites that are too far from home for a daily commute. In addition, on-site amenities are changing to attract these types of travelers as well. At the Best Western in Milpitas, California, the hotel bar now serves Coors Light on draft.  

It will be interesting to see how the hospitality industry maximizes efficiency with this trend of blue collar weekday work travel coupled with booming weekend leisure travel in the years ahead.  For now, an ice cold Silver Bullet sure sounds good.      

“This surge is real,” said Choice Hotels International Inc.’s Chief Executive Pat Pacious. “Middle class, small business, construction, logistics—those industry verticals—that’s going to continue to expand.”


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