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Workplace Turnover?

Every organization experiences work force turnover, and the Braves are no different.  The Braves were unwilling to re-sign Dansby to a long term contract at the steep price that the market demanded, which is an all too familiar feeling for Braves fans having lost Freddie last year on similar facts.  However, don't despair just yet - recall that the Braves won more games last year than they had in almost two decades, and stormed back to take the NL East title last year for a fifth year in a row.  All without Freddie.  The organization rallied around its leaders who stepped up big time.  Time will tell whether this move will pay off for the Braves, and whether new leaders will emerge this year in a tough NL East stacked with talent.  One thing is for sure, it will be fun to watch.  

Similar to the Braves, many employers in the business world are experiencing workplace turnover.  But like the Braves in the 90s, our team at MMM always emerges out in front to best serve our clients, regardless of the current employment environment.

At Braves Fest, manager Brian Snitker and a large group of his players entered the press conference room – one after another – and addressed local media. Among the main topics from the day: Swanson’s departure and how the Braves would fill the void. It became clear that, while Swanson’s former teammates and manager miss him, they expect to roll on, business as usual.