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| less than a minute read

Pluses & Minuses of Generative AI, by ChatGPT

My clever idea was, as an experiment, to have ChatGPT write an article on the pluses and minuses of generative AI (ChatGPT being the poster-child for generative AI). Alas, someone beat me to the punch.

In a guest essay for the New York Times, Congressman Ted Lieu tasked ChatGPT with writing "an attention-grabbing first paragraph of an Op-Ed on why artificial intelligence should be regulated." The model complied, producing a well-written, compelling argument for the regulation of AI in a matter of seconds.

Citing the impossibility of Congress passing individual laws regarding each specific use of AI, Congressman Lieu went on to propose a non-partisan AI Commission to pave the way, eventually, for a dedicated federal agency to regulate AI. Whether a comprehensive regulatory approach, either through the establishment of a regulatory agency or promulgation of an all-encompassing law like the EU's coming AI Act, is politically feasible in the US is another story (perhaps for ChatGPT to write). 


The fourth industrial revolution is here. We can harness and regulate A.I. to create a more utopian society or risk having an unchecked, unregulated A.I. push us toward a more dystopian future. And yes, I wrote this paragraph.